Boost Plan

60 Minutes of Daily Ride Time For Just $5 For The First Year

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Who Is Eligible

The JUMP Boost Plan is available to anyone who is currently enrolled in one of the following:

  • Calfresh
  • SFMTA Lifeline Pass
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Plan Details

  • $5 signup fee for the first year
  • Includes 60 minutes of ride time per day
  • Just $.07/minute for anything beyond 60 minutes
  • $25 Out-of-System Parking Fee
  • $5/month during the second year as a member

How To Enroll

  • Email a scanned copy or photo of your CalFresh card, SFMTA Lifeline Pass, or PG&E CARE utility bill to
  • Sign up at the link below using the same name as your eligibility documentation from above
  • Approval can take 1-3 business days
Sign up for Boost Plan