Santa Cruz

Cruz — Electrified

Santa Cruz, meet JUMP. Electric assist bikes that provide a boost every time you pedal. Go farther, get there faster, and have more fun.


And just under $.07/min after that.

30 day plan

$30/30 days

60min/day included
$.07/min after that

Clock starts when you reserve a bike via the JUMP Bikes app.

After the first 15 minutes, trips are prorated to the minute.

$25 fee for locking outside the system area.

Place a bike on hold for up to an hour. Charges apply during this time.

Sales tax not included.

The power of JUMP available in Uber.

We’ve partnered with the ultimate ride hail company to bring you Uber Bike by JUMP, a seamless way to find and book JUMP bikes right from the Uber app.

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Meet the bike

JUMP bikes are thoughtfully designed with a full size frame, adjustable seat, tamper-proof brake lines, grip bill, and our unique integrated U-bar lock to safely park the bike at the end of each trip.

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JUMP is now in Santa Monica, CA