Press Kit

JUMP is bike share electrified. We create the hardware and software to take you farther, get there faster, and make every ride fun. JUMP bikes are designed in New York City by people who love bikes and care about the future of our cities.

Ask us about bike share, electric bikes, bike safety, building consumer apps, urban planning, accessibility, manufacturing, hardware design, fostering a diverse and inclusive company culture, or working alongside local community groups.

Press Highlights

Electric bike share is great for cities

They can conquer all manner of terrain—even San Francisco hills—no sweat required. And they won’t tire out riders, no matter their age or fitness level. These are the bikes could get the old and office-bound into cycling.

JUMP / Uber partnership

Jump brings two innovations to the traditional bike share model. First, its motorized bikes provide power as you pedal, making climbing hills or traveling long distances a breeze. It’s a little like riding a scooter. Second, its bikes—tethered to GPS, with a built-in lock—can be left anywhere there’s a street sign to chain up to.

Background on the electric bike share market

Jump, a Brooklyn-based start-up, became the first dockless company to roll out e-bikes when it launched in D.C. in September. Last month it also won the first contract to start operating e-bikes in San Francisco.

JUMP / Uber partnership

"Our mission at JUMP Bikes is to build the bike you want," Jump CEO Ryan Rzepecki wrote in a blog post. "A bike that can take you farther, get you there faster, and be the most fun to ride. A bike that you don't even need to own, doesn't cost a penny to maintain, and is always nearby when you want it. If we achieve this mission then we'll see more people on bikes — meaning greener, more accessible, and healthier cities."

JUMP / Uber partnership

Called Uber Bike, Uber customers will be able to book JUMP bikes within the Uber app. “This partnership is a great way to get a much larger audience on bikes and help them understand their transportation options,” JUMP CEO Ryan Rzepecki told me over the phone. “Our ultimate goal is to better connect all the neighborhoods within San Francisco and provide affordable, greener transportation.”

JUMP is now in Santa Monica, CA