uber bikes

The power of JUMP now available in Uber.

Two wheels or four? The choice is now yours.

JUMP is partnering with Uber to bring you Uber Bike. Now, San Francisco residents and visitors can rent JUMP bikes directly from the Uber app. This partnership is part of a pilot program for SF, one that will ensure every rider has the highest quality experience.

Uber Bike - Mobile App Screenshots

Wanna go for a ride?

If you're an SF resident, join the waitlist at uber.com/bike.

Can I still use the JUMP app?

Yes you can. If you already have the JUMP app, you’re all set. Use it as you normally would. Find a bike, take a ride.

If you haven’t downloaded the JUMP app, go get it now — iOS and Android.

Why JUMP + Uber?

Our mission at JUMP Bikes is to build the bike you want. Bikes that take you farther, get there faster, and are the most fun to ride. We take out bike ownership, storage, maintenance, and replace it with reliable, affordable convenient transportation whenever and wherever you want. Our goal is to help transform cities. More people on bikes means smarter, greener, more accessible and friendlier cities for everyone.

Want to know more? Our CEO, Ryan Rzepecki, shared his thoughts on Uber Bike on Medium.