Ride safe. Ride smart.

Grab Your Helmet.
Wear a helmet, buckle the strap, and make sure it’s the right size. Don’t have one? Check out these deals from a few of our select partners:
  • Thousand - $25 instant rebate with free shipping
  • Westridge - Outdoors - 50% off helmets
Before You Ride.
Plan your route. Before getting on the bike, check to ensure that both tires are inflated, that the brakes work, and the bell on the left handle rings. You'll also want to make sure that the seat height is properly adjusted for you. When riding at night, be sure the automatic lights are on.
Brake Early and Gradually.
Get comfortable with the brakes on your JUMP bike at slow speeds early on in your ride. Always brake early, gradually, and use both brakes at the same time – especially when going down hill. Use the front brake gently.
Follow Traffic Laws.
Basic rules of the road. Always yield to pedestrians, ride in the direction of traffic, and make sure to stop at both red lights, and stop signs.
Pay Attention. Be Aware.
While riding on the streets, be mindful of trucks making wide right turns and avoid being in a vehicle's blind spot. And keep the selfies to a minimum and your music to a dull roar. It's important you stay safe out there.
Use Hand Signals.
Know your hand signals when turning left, right, and stopping, and be careful when changing lanes.
Crossing Rails.
The most important things to remember when crossing railways is your angle of entry and speed. Be sure to proceed slowly as wheels can get stuck, and result in abrupt stops.
Inclement Weather.
Adjust your speed and be even more alert during inclement weather or low periods of visibility. Never go off-road with a JUMP bike.



Use both brakes at the same time. Brake early and gradually. Integrated brake wires prevent tampering. Watch out for those hills – especially you, San Francisco.


Adjust the seat to your height - make sure one foot can reach the ground when stopped. Check to ensure the seat is firmly clamped down.

E-Assist Motor

A 250W Class 1 motor boosts up to 20mph when you pedal. Start slow on your first ride. Get used to the ⚡

Skirt Guard

Protects your clothes from getting caught in the back wheel, and from getting dirty.

Night Lights

The headlight and tail light will turn on as soon as it gets dark outside.

U-Bar Lock

An integrated lock to secure the bike to any public bike rack at the end of each ride. Be sure to place the u-bar in the rear holster during your ride.


Twist the left grip when you need to alert others of your position.

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